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The news!

We are first solariums in Slovakia which brings advanced hybrid solarium technology for our customers – Ergoline Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance LED and vertical Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid Light LED. Both solariums are fully equipped. The Prestige 1600 has a shower and pleasant smell during the sunbathing and Sunrise 7200 is fully equipped with vibrating platform with four fitness programs. Sunbathing is extremely gentle to the skin, because both solariums are fully equipped with two revolutionary types of tubes – classic UV and collagen. During the sunbathing is the skin hydrated and deeply bloated.

The future belongs to the modern hybrid solariums and we offer them today!
Where you can find us
Solar and LPG studio Ergoline
Dolný Val 37 (over the Patisserie DELIKANA)
010 01 Žilina 
Street View