Frequently asked questions
How many times can I sunbathe in solarium without problems?
People with phototype I, children, adolescents under 18 years and people taking medicines, which cause hypersensitivity to the sun or people with skin cancer in family should not sunbathe in the solarium. Adequate sunbathing 2-3 times a week is for everyone safe.
It is generally known, that skin is regenerated minimally for at least 24hours. If you are phototype II, regeneration spends 48 hours and more. European norm recommends to do not exceed 60 sunbathe sessions per year.
Can I get the skin cancer from tanning in solarium?
There are many medical and scientific opinions, which say that crossing the daily limit for sunbathing or burning your skin red carry higher risk with skin cancer, especially in younger age if it keeps repeating.
If you use the solarium responsibly, you will get tan and vitamin D from UV radiation.
What are advantages of tanning in the solarium?
Solariums offer controlled way to browning and might provide and maintain sufficient level of vitamin D.
During the natural sunbathing in the sun, the body is exposed to varying degrees of sunlight. It depends on season, daily-time, whereabouts etc.
In solarium you can use controlled system for safe sunbathing, individual for every skin type with maximum prevention of overload and sunburn.
At sunbathing in solarium we can create an individual tanning program based on skin type, which prevents excessive sunbathing and sunburn.
How to protect the tattoo in solarium?
If tattoo is brand new and skin has not been regenerated yet, it should not be exposed to UV radiation. If the tattoo is older and skin is fine and you want to protect this place, do the same like when you are sunbathing in the sun. Use quality cream with UV filter or hide your tattoo under the T-shirt or towel. On another parts of body use quality cream for solarium tanning. We will be pleased to give you an advice in our solarium studio.
Is possible to visit solarium two days in a row?
There is no difference between tanning in solarium or under direct sun, because your body receives same UV radiance and makes your tan natural. If you are going to solarium first time or after long time, it should be distance 48 hours between first and second visit to see if there is an allergic reaction on the skin or not. If everything is fine, you can go to solarium also two days in a row, but beware to not exceed the dose of the UV radiation, that would make an erythema on your skin (redness, sunburn caused by UV radiation). But is better to have a break time between visits the solarium for skin regeneration and use quality solar cosmetics that improves your tan and brings needed substances and hydration to your skin. If you are starting with tanning, determine your skin type and customize your skin program. Our educated staff in solarium will be please to advise you. Between your first and second visit you must keep time distance of 48 hours and after that it is recommended to take sunbathing cure which lasts about 2 to 3 weeks and it consists of 8 to 12 visits, which are taken every second day. The skin gradually gets used to UV radiation and you create your desired tan. Then you keep your tan once a week.