The secret of healthy and natural look is hidden in perfect collagen creation. The best one that makes our body by itself. For this purpose was developed a method using 633nm light technology. This technology has been developed by scientists from NASA and is used to accelerate wound healing and skin regeneration in space flights. The principle is that special emitters stimulate organism to create its own collagen. This makes to improve many times efficiency also deeply in skin.
Our solariums Ergoline Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance LED and Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid Light LED have same emitters.
Collagen is ligamentous glycoprotein, is the main component of tissue binder.
It brings strength and elasticity to skin. During aging, soluble collagen is converted to insoluble. Collagen degenerates and its ability to bind water sharply falls. Collagen is protein connecting cellular elements, forms tissues and organs. Occurs in all organs as cell-binding substance. Collagen is the most important protein in organism, creates 30% of the total mass of human proteins and 70% skin protein. Collagen formation starts to decrease at women after 25 years and gradually stops in higher age. Thereby your organism loses ability to regenerate the natural collagen. Wrinkles, cellulite, dry skin, loss of gloss of nails and hair appear, an inevitable aging process begins. But you can slow it down, hold it back and even turn it away with our modern hybrid solariums!

Effects of collagen:
  • straight, very intense and deep hydration of skin, loss of feeling of dry skin
  • increasing elasticity, strength and skin flexibility
  • smoothing out small wrinkles and reduction of deep wrinkles
  • slowing down the skin aging process
  • deep tissue hydration
  • silk skin look
  • immediate effect
  • accelerating wound healing, especially postoperative
  • highly effective from cellulite, enlarged coils and stretch marks
  • removal of allergy-induced skin changes
  • does not cause allergy