How to sunbathe

Is sunbathing healthy or not?
Everything depends on our approach. Slight sunbathing is healthy and profitable, because creates a needed vitamin D for good health.
Our natural color skin depends on the amount of melanin in the skin. Existence and amount of melanin depends on genetic assumptions. When our skin is exposed to UV radiation - melanocytes - cells deep in our skin - begin to produce more melanin. During the subsequent browning, melanin exits the surface skin and creates the tan.
UV radiation makes strengthening the surface of skin and our body creates natural protection from UV radiation and burning. People react on UV radiation differently. Brown skin creates melanin faster. The skin of very pale people contains low levels of melanin and actually when its under direct UV light it produce zero melanin. That is the reason why these people can’t get bronze in the sun, not even in the solarium. If natural tanning process is too fast, it will lead to skin burns. Our skin has its own regenerative mechanism for these cases, but if skin is burn frequently, this mechanism can become exhausted and our skin can absolutely damage.