Instructions for the solarium visitors

Keep the next rules:
  • Use always protection glasses. Contact lenses and sunglasses are not sufficient protection.
  • Remove all cosmetics products and do not use sunscreen creams with protective factor or products for faster tanning.
  • In case of some diseases there might be correlation between worsening the symptoms of your diagnosis and ultraviolet light also if you are using medical drugs issues might appear. In case of any questions, please ask your physician.
  • Wait 48 hours between two solarium visits.
  • Do not combine sunbathing in solarium with natural tanning one day.
  • Always make sure you spend exact time reserved for sunbathing and keep proper distance heating source.
  • If you find irritate spots on your body or if your skin pigment changes, consult it with your doctor.
  • Sensitive areas on body, for example scars or tattoos, protect from UV radiation.