The history of our solar studio Ergoline started to be written sometime in 1999. After we established one of our first solar studios located in Žilina, there was significant rise of competition across which carried our brand but had nothing in common with our company. Nevertheless we had to respect their presence :)
At first we had started only with three solariums, but shortly we have moved into new and larger place, where we have been seating until today. Currently we operate seven solariums from renowned German brand Ergoline.
We have recently expanded and added the most luxurious solariums from Ergoline company. These are models Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance LED and Sunrise 7200 Hybrid Light LED. These solariums are based on completely new hybrid tanning technology. These solariums have two types of tubes – classic UV and collagen.
Thanks to this revolutionary technology is tan more intensive than ever before, what many of our customers appreciate. The collagen light has a positive effect on a skin, so it is not dried as in the case of classic solarium.
You might also appreciate our integrated audio system primary designed to make your moments in our solariums more enjoyable. You can connect your device to the system through the docking station or Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music during all the process of tanning.
There are three options of tanning program, giving you individual tan from gentle to intense. With our solariums is the tanning experience always fast and safe, guaranteed by fulfillment of highest standards in the field defined by European Union.
Customer advice is also a matter of course. Our qualified staff will be happy to advise you the most appropriate time in the solarium by skin type or with a choice of solar cosmetics.
In order to improve the quality of services in the solar studio, we will also provide basic cosmetic needs. These are available for free.
The visit to a solarium should not be more than 2 or 3 times of week. We also recommend visiting the solarium in winter months because it is very pleasant and has the advantages, too. At minus outdoor temperatures you can combine pleasant with useful and with a beautiful tan the body also warms up.
We have also prepared lot of discounts for people who are interested in regular visiting our solar studio Ergoline. The main is season ticket, fully portable and unlimited in time and brings 20% advantage over one-time entries. If you follow us on Facebook, you have an opportunity to use various seasonal discounts, for example “black Friday”, where is discount to 50%.