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Cabin 1. | Ergoline Avantgarde 600 Turbo Power

This is for us the most favorite and eldest solarium. It is characterized by perfect tanning power and an ergonomically shaped acrylic plate. Nobody would ever guess it has been already 10 years this solarium is taking care of our customers tan. By regular maintenance and perfect timing on tube changing we keep this solarium in 100 % condition. However, time to time it is very difficult, because spare parts have not been produced for years.

Cabin 2. | Ergoline Sunrise 488 Dynamic power

Until the arrival of Sunrise 7200 our best vertical turbo solarium. However, it is still very popular with our customers.

Cabin 3. | Ergoline Advantage 400 Super Power

This is classic horizontal solarium. It is equipped with tubes with lower tanning power and is necessary to spend inside double time compare with turbo solariums.

Cabin 4. | Ergoline Excellence 880 Smart Power

Until the arrival of Prestige 1600 our best solarium. However, it still brings perfect tanning results. This solarium cabin is equipped with aqua fresh and pleasant aroma during the sunbathing.

Cabin 5. | Ergoline Inspiration 500 Hybrid Performance SLP

Mid-range hybrid solarium. This is an identical machine as Ergoline Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance LED in Cabin No. 7, however with lower tanning power and significantly lower price.

Cabin 6. | Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid Light LED

This is our new and ultra-modern hybrid vertical solarium with perfect tanning power. It is absolute top model of vertical solariums. Is fully equipped with vibration platform, amazing 3D audio system and support of Bluetooth connection for your device. Solarium is easily connected with your smartphone and you can listen to your music during the sunbathing.

Cabin 7. | Ergoline Prestige 1600 Hybrid Performance LED

This is our new and ultra-modern hybrid horizontal solarium with perfect tanning power. In this solarium you can get to imaginary Olympus in solar tanning. This solarium is absolute technological unique and the most luxurious system has Ergoline ever produced. It comes with all-inclusive equipment which consists of fully isolated climate resistant tanning tunnel, aqua fresh aroma technology available during the sunbathing process and 3D audio system with built in subwoofer under your head. Is possible to listen to your music during the sunbathing thanks to Bluetooth connection. Only the installation took 12 hours. There were 4 technicians from Slovakia and everything was under the lead of main technician directly from Germany.